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Josef Lehoucka † 1923-1999


Josef Lehoucka studied from 1945 to 1950 at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague; he was a disciple of Professor Frantisek Tichy. After graduating he worked in advertising department, but also as a ceramist and crane operator. He worked as an artist on a full-time basis from 1967.

Lehoucka's painting thus resembles a crystal magic ball which may be observed by us from all sides and we are always surprised by finding something completely new. One thing is connected with another, one thing is hidden and then brought up to the surface of consciousness by constant sparkling on different poles of the artist's synthetic meditation about the relation between the renewed eternal autonomy of the art and the life scene. This is the aspect in which Lehoucka achieved considerable results that enriched the Czech art and brought a new position which is without any doubt to its credit. 

PhDr. Jan Kriz, Czech Museum of Fine Arts in Prague

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