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Waltraud Goffitzer-Thalhammer 2023

Waltraud Goffitzer-Thalhammer 2023

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Waltraud Goffitzer-Thalhammer

Waltraud Goffitzer-Thalhammer, born in 1942 in Steyr / Austria


Waltraud Waltraud Goffitzer-Thalhammer's works revolve around a central theme -

The broken primal ground and the joining together

of the broken parts.

From your old memories emerges the broken circle -

The shattered ball - and the longing

to bring the parts together into a whole - to reconcile.

Attempts at finding images

fed by old pictorial memories.

With the security of a nightwalker

border districts are shown and

at the same time an attempt at reconciliation was made.

This imagery comes in a variety

attempts of means of expression - pottery - tapestry - drawings - etchings.

Always with full commitment

of what is appropriate as given -

This commitment, this permanent search

Forms an essential part of the work.


Fritz Gofitzer


1959-1963      Linz Art School (free graphics with Prof. Dr. Alfons Ortner)

1963               Participation in the 1st summer seminar for ceramics in Gmunden, under the direction of Prof. Kurt Ohnsorg

1963-1964      Commercial graphics in Vienna

1964-1970      stay in Denmark and marriage to the ceramist Günter Praschak - screen printing designs for ceramic series and independent artistic work

1970               Return to Austria, exhibition in the "Club der Treffen" Linz (graphics)

1971               Intensive study of ceramics, mainly glazing techniques

1972               Draft and design of a ceramic wall at the TBC building of the general hospital in Linz, in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Alfons Ortner and Günter Praschak

1973               Gold Medal for Ceramics at the International Ceramics Exhibition "Concorso Internationale della Ceramika d'Arte" in Faenza

From 1973        he turned to textile wall design

1974               Group exhibition with the ceramist Prof. Günter Praschak

in the gallery "Maerz" in Linz (graphics - textile)

1975               Participation in the traveling exhibition "Contemporary Textile Art from Austria" organized and put together by Edda Seidl-Reiter and the Austrian Cultural Center Vienna

1976               CONTRACT WORK for a showroom of the furniture company Wiesner & Hager (textile room divider)

1977               CONTRACT WORK: Design of the entrance hall and the lounge for the home for the disabled in Vöcklabruck (painted wall panels in casein technique)

1978               PARTICIPATION IN THE EXHIBITION “Textile – Art 78” at the Linz Chamber of Commerce and CONTRACT WORK: 8 batiks for the common room and dining room of the Lebenshilfe day care center in Linz

1979               NEW GALLERY of the City of Linz. 6 ceramic coverings of planters DESIGN OF A TABERNACLE DOOR for the Old Catholic Church in the Prunnerstift Linz EXHIBITION PARTICIPATION: "Textile Art Austria" in Halbturn Castle

1980               SINGLE EXHIBITION: "Galerie Riha" in Klosterstrasse Linz

1981               PARTICIPATION IN THE EXHIBITION at the international textile exhibition “Textilkunst 81” in Linz and Vienna, Künstlerhaus

1982.              Tempera paintings, each 3 × 3 m for the lounge of the day care center in Altenfelden

From 1983        Further intensive study of old painting techniques (casein and egg tempera)

1985               Design of the hall entrance doors in the cultural and leisure center for the blind in Linz

1986               Artistic wall design (ceramics) in the new entrance area of ​​the BBRZ Linz and SINGLE EXHIBITION at the University for Artistic and Industrial Design in Linz (graphics, textiles, ceramics)

1987               Purchase of a tapestry "Geteilte Form" from the culture department of the Upper Austrian provincial government

1988               Design of a tabernacle, a Stations of the Cross and a stained glass window in the Capuchin Church, Linz EXHIBITION: "Architecture - (Cult Rooms)" of the master class for interior design at the Linz University of Design in the CcdB

1989               SINGLE EXHIBITION in the Club der Treffen in Linz (painting – graphics)

1990               SINGLE EXHIBITION in the Maerz Gallery entitled "Nightwalker-Daydreamer"

1991               Artistic design of a fountain for the VKB Linz, Domgasse Design of a marble wall in the customer center of the Chamber of Commerce OO in Linz: Large-scale abstract composition 15 m long and 3 m high

1994               Color design of exhibition bodies for the state exhibition in Engelhartszell, Upper Austria.

1994.              Commissioned work for the Oberbank in Gmunden: a wall design (ceramic appliques on the 1st floor) and a painted panel (acrylic technique) for the waiting area on the ground floor

1996                Illustrations and cover design for the book "Euro Grips" by Elisabeth Vera Rathenböck and Peter Klimitsch, published by Grosser-Verlag

1980-1997       Lecturer at the University of Art and Design Linz, member of the artist association "MAERZ"

2000                Exhibition "Club of Encounters", Linz Exhibition "Art Salon" O.Ö. State Museum

2016                Exhibition "Art Salon" O.Ö. State Museum

2021                Exhibition "Artfor Gallery" Linz

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